arrow  2x2 AC1200 Wave2 MESH Router / LTE GW

  • Dual-radio aggregate data rate of up to 1200 Mbps
    An 867 Mbps 5 GHz 2x2 802.11ac radio and a 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz radio offer a combined aggregate dual-band throughput of 1200Mbps.
  • Multi User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO)
    MU-MIMO (an 802.11ac Wave 2 standard) for efficient transmission to multiple clients is offered. Especially suited for environments with numerous mobile devices, MU-MIMO enables multiple clients to receive data simultaneously. This increases the total network performance and improves the end user experience.
  • Mesh Application and Benefit
    Designed to work in combination to eliminate any dead spots in the house space, It combines deployment flexibility and maximum Wi‑Fi coverage to achieve “Whole Home Coverage” application. The system utilizes mesh technology to provide powerful wireless performance in an innovative and simple design. They provide unparalleled capacity, reliability, low latency and seamless handoffs for voice, HD-quality video and other real-time applications together
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